Branding & Identity

Logo, graphics or designs are part of our marketing specialities for a unique footprint that resonates for your online fan's experience. Let's get creating!
Logo, graphic designs or discovering your brand's ambience – that's our specialty for a unique footprint that resonates for your fans, online visitors and customer experience.
At C-45, we work in 3 simple steps for effective brand communication with you:
Our team learns your creative needs and requirements that portray your brand in the best light possible. Whether a logo, watermark or colour theme, let's drill down and strike gold within your business identity.
Our creative team whips your ideas into tangible, building steps of distinct creativity, as we consistently review each draft together till, we've narrowed down each design or text to a quality brand masterpiece.
Finals & materials
Upon completion, we present and convert your latest ideas and vision into unique artwork ideal for your marketplace; ideal and adaptable for both online and offline
What's next?
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