About Us

A creative marketing agency specialising in doing digital marketing the human way!

Founded in 2016, we bring our partnership and long-term commitment for your smile and profitable success in the marketing arena!

Whatever your project and overall goal as a business owner, founder or brand; we always remember THEM too.
We're experienced marketers, consultants and buzzing creatives providing a results-driven experience.
Agency Directors
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Peter Turay, MBA
Managing Director
By founding Content 45 in 2016 after a failed business partnership, copywriting online invigorated my marketer's spirit towards engaging people within the digital playground of entrepreneurship.

I am a British Sierra Leonean and an agency founder with over 5 years' of marketing experience. Main task: Great service to all clients.
Alex Pushkin, Cert DDM
Creative Strategist
Not being a flower child sent me from Russia to an English boarding school. This was where I fell in love with art! In university, I started as a freelance designer while studying marketing strategy. Now, me and my child's curiosity are here at Content-45.

I am a number 1 Degas fan, piano enthusiast and a coffee lover, in that order!
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